Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Shoes

Zach has been growing steadily, and Mommy and Daddy have really begun to notice lately that he doesn't look much like a newborn any more.  He's quickly becoming a big baby boy before our eyes.  
Zachary had new casts put on Tuesday afternoon, and by early this morning he had already begun to loosen the one on his left foot, so it was back to Children's to have another new one placed.  This time, the doctor who saw Zach was a plaster cast specialist instead of the usual fiberglass ones.  So for the next week Zachary is a bit lopsided with one fiberglass and one plaster cast. Hopefully this will better hold his left foot in place and flatten out the sole of the foot more efficiently.  Next Tuesday we have an appointment with Dr. Miller, the orthopedic specialist, and hopefully the results will be very positive and we can continue with Zachary's tenotomy and recovery.  
Overall, Zachary has been progressing wonderfully and continues to amaze us each and every day.  We continue to pray for his healing and improvement, and thank all of you for your continued prayers.  We've been praying extra hard lately for a little girl that we have seen grow with spina bifida, and exchanged some messages with her parents.  Her name is Alex Diffee and she has had a tough stretch recently and has been in Children's for the past several weeks. Through the grace of God she has shown much improvement and will hopefully be able to return home soon.  We have seen first hand the power of prayer, and are grateful that our prayers are being answered in the lives of others as well.  
One last note of wonderful news.  We found out today that Aunt Peg will be coming out for a couple of weeks in May to watch Zachary and be a HUGE support for Mommy and Daddy! Zach is anxiously awaiting her arrival! 
Thank You All, and God Bless - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Hi 3-Z's,
    We miss seeing you!! Come by school the kiddos would love to see you.

    Love you bunches!!

  2. I've heard a lot of the parents dislike the fiberglass casts {slipping issues} I would try getting a plaster cast from now on if possible, they are a little heavier, but they work much better in my opinion! good luck with the rest of your casting just a few more weeks and you'll be on your way to shoes! YEAH!

  3. Hey Zurliene's! We LOVE seeing you guys in church each week and are anxious for you to get out of the cry room and join the 'choir' of sounds that Jayden makes all on his very own! Z, remember that softball starts very soon and Zach will make an awesome addition to the cheering section! Warm weather will be here and the BBQ's will start up again in the newly re=done Pfnister backyard. A party for Zach for sure is in order. We love you, pray with you and for you, and are so proud of the way you are raising up your new family. Love,
    Dave and Denise