Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, New Developments

So excited to have his new Red Sox gear!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!
New Year's Day with Grandma Cindy and Amanda
The best picture we could get of Zach and his new sweetheart Ilaria. (It was pretty tough, but we made it work!)
Ilaria and her Mommy Jodee
Boys in their Hoods!
We finally made it back to the park after six weeks of snow cover, Zach loved it!
Zachary and Fiesta for his 13 month picture

We hope the New Year finds you all healthy and safe. The past several weeks have been rather busy, and slowly but surely, Zachary has returned to his old self... healthy, happy, an full of laughter. The ear infection that he had was a little stubborn, and decided to rear its ugly head after the first round of medicine, so it was back to the doctor for different medicine that has proved to be much more effective. Two more teeth have arrived, and Zach's stuffy, runny nose has cleared up as well. Mommy and Daddy have noticed a much happier little boy recently, and Zach has returned to his old ways of napping for quite a while twice a day and sleeping soundly through the night. We forgot how it used to be, and hope his return to normalcy continues (especially the sleeping part!).
On the spina bifida front, Zach's MRI went very well, and we have not heard from the neurologists, which usually means they did not see anything in the images that concerned them or was abnormal (Praise God!). Zach's next round of clinics is in February, so we will enjoy the next few weeks hospital free.
We have been working lately on several grant applications to help pay for Zachary's equipment needs now and in the future. Daddy found a charitable organization devoted to golf industry professionals and their families called the Wee One Foundation. Last week Daddy received a message from the people at Wee One stating they were interested in helping out with the cost of Zach's wheelchair, and through the grace of God, they have blessed our family tremendously. What a truly humbling experience it has been. We cannot adequately express our heartfelt gratitude to this amazing foundation, and just give thanks to the Lord that there are still kind hearted people in this world who are willing to help those in need.
Zachary will have his Love bank filled to capacity in the next month with a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's in a couple of weeks, Mimi and Papa visiting in February, and another visit from Grandma at the end of February. The new year has started off well, and we pray for continued blessings to come. With Love - Brian + Kimmie

P.S. - A friend of Daddy's had pre-mature twin boys born in July while he and his wife were in Ohio. After almost six months, they will be coming home to Colorado tomorrow via medical charter flight. They will be at Children's Hospital for a while once here, so we ask you all to pray for their safe arrival and continued growth & development.