Monday, February 14, 2011

Our "New" Family

Happy New Year!

Watchin' TV with Grandpa
Grandma & Grandpa
Zach's 2 Year Old Picture With Fiesta

Visiting Daddy at Work
Tristan and Mommy
Zach Loves his Booster Seat
Tristan After Bath
Riding the Rocking Sheep

Tristan and Daddy
Early Indications Are These Boys Love Each Other!
Out in the Snow With Papa
Tristan and Papa
Going To Get the Mail With Daddy
Getting Kisses From Aunt Kelly
Tristan With Kelly and Mark
Tristan's Das Meyer Baptism Cake. Carrot Cake... Yummm!
Tristan and Mommy With the Cake
Singing Don Aldredo
Saying Goodbye to Kelly and Mark

Handsome Man!!
Little Smirk
Enjoying Mr. Potato Head
Playing Catch With Daddy
Valentine's Day Brothers
Mimi and Papa

Been a while since our last post. The holidays were great and Tristan has grown like crazy. We just had lots of family and friends in town and at the house for Tristan's baptism, and Zach has been wonderful as big brother. Enjoy the pictures. Love, Brian + Kimmie