Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Changes, Big Fun!

Loving Summer at home
Grandma and Grandpa
Uncle Dana
Mommy, Aunt Kelly, and Uncle Dana
Zach LOVES In-N-Out
Future CEO of G&I Products!
He couldn't get enough pool time
Swimming with Mommy
More pool time
The new hardwood floors at home!
Not quite the same, but he loves the pool at home too!
Zach LOVES his doo-doo (choo-choo) rides!
Rockin' his SDSU hoody! (Thanks cousin Evan!)

The past few weeks have been jam packed with lots of things happening in Zach's world. We all went to Arizona to see Grandma and Grandpa, and had WAY too much fun in the pool. Zach has become quite the water hog, and was more than willing to tire himself out in the water each day.
A week ago Daddy had soe of the guys over and they installed new hardwood floors on the main floor of the house! Monday, Zach's new wheel chair arrived, and now he is motoring all over the house! We'll have some videos to post soon. He has taken to the new chair amazingly, and we are suprised by what new things he learns each day, all on his own! We had a fun and relaxing Independence Day weekend, and hope you all enjoyed it as well. We will post again soon - Love, Brian + Kimmie