Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Little Easter Bunny

Zach loves the slides at the park
Cookie Monster!
Mischevious little boy waiting for dinner
With Daddy after coloring Easter eggs
Mommy, Zach, and Easter decorations
Saying Hello and showing off his custom egg
Mommy with Zach and his Easter presents
Happy to have a new ball
Really concentrating on the egg "hunt"
Look at all those eggs!
Sharing his new wagon with Ilaria
Family Easter portrait

Zachary had a wonderful Easter last weekend, and enjoyed some quality Mommy time the week before during her Spring Break. They were able to meet up for two play dates with Lucy and Ilaria, and were snowed in for a day during our crazy spring weather.
Easter was a very exciting day for the whole family. We enjoyed mass in the morning, and had a great dinner at the DiSalle's that afternoon. Zach was a joy the whole day, and really enjoyed playing with Ilaria and the attention he was receiving from everyone. We were able to paint Easter eggs on Saturday, and he had fun during his "hunt" on Sunday morning. The big surprise for Zach was the new red wagon he received from the Easter bunny. He absolutely LOVES it, and loves going on walks without the cramped quarters of his stroller.
The weather this week was crazy again, with rain, some snow, and now warm and sunny, so we've taken advantage of the sunshine and taken Zach to the park quite a bit. He loves the outdoors, and one of his new favorite things is staring or pointing out the window and crying out until someone takes him outside. He can't seem to get enough fresh air!
We're excited for the improving weather, and Zach has really come into his own over the past couple of weeks. He seems more and more interested in everything around him, and especially everything outside. We hope you all had a blessed Easter season, and Spring time brings a fresh outlook for the year ahead. Our Love to You All - Brian + Kimmie