Friday, March 13, 2009

Full of Smiles

Zachary has had a wonderful time the past few days.  Yesterday was a big day with the arrival of Grandma! The two of them have been enjoying each others company, and trading tongue wags for the past 24 hours!  Zach has developed a new favorite activity the past few days as well.  He likes to have whomever is holding him stick out their town, then he sticks out his tongue and laughs at the response he has gotten!  It's really fun to watch, and you can see in the video the noises he makes in response.  
Late last night we noticed that Zachary's left foot had shrunk back up into his cast again, so early this morning we called Children's and scheduled him for a new cast to be put on at 2.  With the plaster casts that he has this week the best option was to cut off his cast on his left foot, and because they were out of plaster casts, he is ow once again in one plaster and one fiberglass cast.  Zach was great throughout the whole procedure, as usual.  No word yet from Dr. Miller as to Zachary's tenotomy.  It seems she is very busy and they are trying to find a time to fit his surgery in, so we'll just wait patiently and pray for the best.
Tonight Mommy and Daddy had yet another "date night", with Grandma here and Cindy coming up to visit as well.  Two weeks in a row for Friday night dinners, we're starting to feel a bit spoiled! Everyone had a wonderful time (Mommy and Daddy at Dinner, Cindy and Grandma with Zach), and we are all looking forward to a weekend filled with laughs, feedings, and tongue wags!  Thanks and God Bless - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. My mom is so happy after visiting you all!

    Zach is getting bigger and bigger and I can't wait too see him!

    Love you all!