Monday, March 9, 2009

Mr. Attitude

Zachary has been doing very well this week, and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather that Colorado has had for almost the entire winter.  Mommy and Daddy were so very fortunate to have Cindy come by on Friday afternoon and watch Zachary for quite a while.  After eating a wonderful dinner (seafood for Lent), it was back home from our short "time off".  We found Zach resting comfortably in Cindy's arms, and discovered that he was great for her the entire time!  
We had a rather low key weekend, with Daddy working on Saturday, and Mommy heading to a baby shower Sunday, and the weather changing.  It's become much more seasonal, and cooled off quite a bit.  Tomorrow Zachary has an appointment with the orthopedic specialist to check the progress of his left foot, and hopefully receive some good news about his possible tenotomy.  Please keep praying for that!
Grandma is arriving on Thursday for her first visit since Zachary's birthday!  She'll be here for the weekend, and we hope to be able to hold Zachary again by Monday, because we're sure he's got a permanent spot in her arm for a few days.
We'll give an update after we get results tomorrow.  Until then, God Bless.
 - Brian + Kimmie

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