Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking the Next Step

Zachary had his appointment this morning with the orthopedic specialist at Children's (Dr. Miller) and she decided that things have progressed enough to schedule the tenotomy.  It was a bit of a long morning with the overnight snow causing a slow trip to the hospital, and having to wait a while for the doctor to see Zachary.  We also had to spend some time soaking Zach's one plaster cast to get it off before he could be examined, so he was quite tired when all was said and done.  After his exam, and a couple of quick X-rays of his feet, Zach had two new plaster casts put on for the final week before the tenotomy.  We are awaiting a call from the physician's assistant to set up the exact time, but we are pretty sure it will be sometime later next week.  For now Zachary is showing wonderful progress, and there is a good chance he will be through with casts and on to boots by the middle of April!  We are so blessed that he continues to do so well each step along the way!  Enjoy the pictures of Zachary's ENORMOUS casts, and his new favorite activity of putting his hands up to is ears which we call his earmuffs! Thanks and God Bless 
-Brian + Kimmie

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