Monday, March 30, 2009

Finding His Voice

Zachary is doing wonderfully, and adjusting to the changes in his life quite well.   After several days of cathetering and only getting very small amounts, we decided to call the urologist and see if there were any new steps to take.  After some discussion with the nurses, it was decided that we could reduce the catheters to twice a day, rather than four!  We are very excited and continue to pray for a complete stop to the process, and Zachary's continued healing. 
We have been enjoying our time spent with the little guy for the past several days, especially his new found love of baby talk, and all the smiles that go along with it.  He is quite the story teller, and if given the opportunity, will tell some rather lengthy tales!!  The video above is of one of his many recent episodes, we hope you enjoy the story!!
Not all has been rosy around the Zurliene house.  Zachary decided the Saturday night and EARLY Sunday morning were not good times for sleeping or eating.  After four hours of screaming, grunting, and overall displeasure he collapsed from exhaustion and slept for a few hours, as did Mommy and Daddy.  Not sure what caused the minor meltdown, but thankfully, he returned to normalcy on Sunday, and has been his old self for over 24 hours!
Tomorrow is Zachary's appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to have his casts removed, and a follow up exam after his surgery.  We're anxious to hear about the progress he has made to this point, and to see how straight his feet are becoming!  They will put another set of casts on, and hopefully in two more weeks,  he will be all through with casts!
Thank You All for the continued Love and Prayers, and we will update Zach's progress soon.  With Love - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. I love the updates... thanks! Sounds like the little Z is straightening out the kinks in his road to recovery... Yeah Rah! You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
    With lots of love and joy,