Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving Forward, Looking Back

Zachary's urodynamics test went very well yesterday.  Dr. Wilson (the urologist) said that all the results from the test were very positive.  Zachary's bladder is smooth and good size (many children with spina bifida have bladders that are rigid and small).  They were able to fill it with 60ml of fluid which is very full for a child his age.  Then they observed him relieving the fluid and were pleased with his steady stream (sorry for the graphic details, but it's all for the better).  After the test we consulted with the doctor and discussed Zach's future.  Dr. Wilson said he had a "sneaking suspicion" that Zach could develop some difficulties further down the road, and so after some talk and soul searching, Mommy and Daddy decided that we should begin catheterizing Zach.  The doctor feels this is for the better because it begins the process early in his development, so when he gets older he is very much accustomed to the process and it will make things much easier.  
This morning Mommy began the first catheter, and got a very small amount of fluid out (a very good sign).  The rest of the day was more of the same, with very small amounts each time.  If this continues for several days the doctor told us to call and consult him, because he may want to discontinue the catheterization.  That would be an ideal situation,  one we are praying especially hard for.  
We hope you all enjoy the short video, and some pictures from yesterday's trip to Children's hospital.  Please continue to pray for Zach's healing and an ending to his catheterization. God Bless - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Hi 3Z's...
    I will keep a prayer for the end to catheterization... and continued healing and all good things for the littlest Z.

    With much love and joy,

  2. No two stronger and more faithfilled people to be Zach's parents than you guys. Just look at his smile, all the rest is just details. Love, Dave and Denise

  3. He looks so cute! A very strong little guy. My thoughts and prayers are always with you all! Love Aunt Dee