Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zach's Lenten Journey

Zach has been improving has smiling efforts this week, and is good for an ear to ear effort several times a day!  After having his casts put on Monday, he was back at Children's on Tuesday to have the left cast redone.  His toes had scrunched up into the cast and were not in a very good position for the continued flattening, or healing of his foot, so Mommy brought him back and they put a new cast on.  He has not had his usual fussy day after casting this week and has been very pleasant.  Mommy and Daddy are really enjoying watching as Zachary grows each day.  It's amazing how much he's grown already, and how fast! Wednesday was Zach's first Ash Wednesday, and we went to mass that evening. You can see all of our foreheads in the pictures!  
We are enjoying the weekend, no major plans, just some much needed relaxation.  Zachary has one more week of cast before consulting with the Doctor once again to evaluate and decide on a plan of action.  Zach sends many hugs and kisses to you all and a BIG Thank You for your continued support and prayers.  Happy Lent - Brian + Kimmie

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