Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing Stronger

Zachary has had a very eventful past few days.  He had a wonderful weekend spent mostly at home with Mommy and Daddy, enjoying the time we all can spend together.  On Monday Zachary met with his pediatrician, Dr. Black, for his two month check-up and to get his shots.  He also was able to be weighed without his casts for the first time in a while...10lbs. 10oz., 21 in. long!  As for the percentages, he's pretty low in both height and weight, but considering where he started, he has made some very good progress and we're excited.  After that appointment Zach headed over to Children's to have his new casts put on once again.  He has red ones this week for Valentine's Day!  Next Tuesday he will be visiting with Dr. Miller, the orthopedic surgeon to see about his tenotomy (the procedure to release tendons in his feet so he can raise and lower them).  
Tuesday was a very exhausting day for Zachary, Mommy, and Daddy. We met with all of the specialists and doctors at Children's (eight in all) in the spinal defects clinic, and spent about 4 hours discussing Zachary's progress, his history, and what to expect in the future.  Several of the people we met did not have much information to give, or much to do for Zachary at this time because of his casts, and his young age, (he was the youngest at the clinic and very popular because of that!)but we did meet many new people who had a wealth of information to share with us.
 The urologist was happy to hear about Zachary's full diapers to this point, but has scheduled a test a few weeks out to get a full understanding of where Zachary is at as far as his bladder control, and urine holding capacities.  The test will give us a better idea as to whether or not Zach will need to be cathetered for the next couple of years, or if he will be able to maintain full function without risk of infection.
The neurologist looked at Zach's ultrasounds and was very pleased with the results and the functioning of his shunt.  All seem to be working wonderfully, and his recent increase in head circumference seems to be the result of a growth spurt, and not any fluid or pressure on his brain as we had feared (Praise Jesus!).
We got to see the new braces and boots that are used to continue Zachary's treatment for his clubbed feet.  He'll be in the braces a few weeks after his tenotomy.  He'll wear them full time for 2-3 months, then will need to wear them whenever he sleeps until he is two years old.  Wearing the boots is the most important part of the whole process.  It's like having retainers after braces on your teeth.  If you don't wear them regularly, your teeth (or feet) can very quickly and easily revert back to their previous form.
The final visit of the day was with the physical therapist who evaluated Zachary and felt he was a little behind on his head and neck strength.  He's not lifting his head quite as far as a normal 2 month old would, but with all he's been through so far, that is understandable.  She suggested much more "tummy time" for Zachary, and gave us several exercises to work on to get him caught up.  It was very educational, and Mommy and Daddy have been enjoying the new time spent with Zachary working on his development. 
After a full day of doctors and information we all returned home and proceeded to fall asleep for a couple hours, a much needed and enjoyable rest.  Zach will have more appointments in the next few weeks, but his spinal defects clinic will only be every 3 months for the next year, then every 6 months until he is 10 years old.  What a wonderful blessing all of the doctors and specialists have been, and we continue to praise God each day for all the amazing care they have provided.  We continue to pray for his abundant healing, and for many more positive results and blessings in the future.  Enjoy the pictures and movies and God Bless - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Yeah Zach and family... sounds like things are progressing positively and that is GREAT!!!

    I'm keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers... we miss seeing you - Kimmie... stop by when you can!!!

    Love ya'll,

  2. how stinkin cute is he, sounds like a busy week. but I'm glad you had some time to relax at home! Love the thought of valentine casts, too cute!