Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mimi's Here!

After the visit to the spinal defects clinic on Tuesday Zachary has been taking it easy, working on his tummy time exercises, and perfecting the art of drooling!  After only a few days of applying some hydrocortisone to his face and neck, Zach's skin has cleared up wonderfully, and he's looking more like the handsome little guy he is!  
Friday brought a busy afternoon at the Zurliene household, with Aunt Jodee, coming by to visit and Zachary's biggest supporter Landon stopping by with his mommy Cheryl and little sis Haley.  They all had a great play date, and Zachary was sufficiently pooped out.  He napped for most of the late afternoon.  Friday evening we all went to the mall and had Zach's 2 month pictures taken, which worked well for a short time, but he quickly tired of all the posing and we decided to call it a night.
Today brought the arrival of Mimi!  She hasn't seen Zachary since he was in the NICU and provided a fantastic Valentine's Day gift for Zach to enjoy... her visit. For the next few days we have nothing planned except plenty of lap time with Mimi for Zach, and enjoying a cold President's Day weekend.  We hope you all have fun and Happy Valentine's Day to you.  Love - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. My little Audrey gets a big smile when I put her in front of the computer so she can see how her little blogging friends are doing. Zachary is such a handsome little guy!! I love his red casts - very cool!