Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who's Got the Hiccups?

Today was fairly quiet for Zachary.  He did a great job of sleeping in 5 hour blocks last night, and continued to feed very eagerly today.  Mommy was able to get some good rest and did her best to keep Zachary on his schedule, despite the efforts of Daddy, who seems to offset that schedule!  
Dave and Denise were surprise visitors this evening, and they dropped off a LOT of diapers and goodies for Zach, Thank You Very Much to them for that. He slept through their visit, but we still enjoyed having them here.  Zachary is getting used to his casts, and doesn't seem to have any major issues with them.  He's lifting his legs, and casts as well, so they don't seem to be hampering any of his development either.  Enjoy the video above, and continue to pray for his continued progress and healing.  Sending our Love - Brian + Kimmie 


  1. that video is tooo cute! poor lil guy doesnt know why it sounds like a squeaky toy in his throat!

    lots of love your way!

  2. Enjoyed the video. Something new everyday to learn about the world, Zach. It is fun.
    Love Mimi and Papa

  3. It is so nice to see a video of him, he is adorable!
    I am excited to see all the progress he'll make with his casts- I was worried about surgery on his feet later and how painful that would have been. I didn't know they did those casts.
    We'll miss you at CMEA but you have fun being a mommy!

  4. Kimmie, its good to hear your voice... So cute! Love to you all! Tara