Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Buddy and Me

The last few days have been going very well for Zachary.  His incision on his back is almost completely healed.  The only areas left are scabbed over and it looks fantastic!  Praise God for his quick healing.  The sooner that is completely healed, the sooner we can give him a "real" bath.  We have been sponge bathing him for the time being, and it's working pretty well, but there's nothing like a full bath to get him clean.
He has established a pretty reliable schedule that we're sticking to as best we can.  The best part of it is that he has slept for 7 hours each of the last 4 nights.  Mommy and Daddy could not ask for more than that right now, so we just hope he continues to stick to the schedule.  
Zachary has had a few visitors recently with Elizabeth stopping by on Thursday, and Rachel and Sophie coming over to visit today.  He has become the expert at sleeping through visitors, not matter what time they arrive!  
The weather has been rather warm here the past few days (high 50's, low 60's), so Mommy decided to take Zach for a walk on Friday.... bad idea.  Although Mommy was very excited that 
Zach looked so cute in his outfit, the walk got him off of his schedule and made him a bit of a bear for most of the afternoon and early evening.  Mommy also ended up paying the price with the soreness she was experiencing the past few days from the exertion of pushing the stroller.  It seems the stroller had a bent front wheel, so it was not the easiest thing to push around.  Daddy played metal shop and "persuaded" the wheel back into place and was able to fix the stroller.  
Zach has his usual Monday cast changes tomorrow, then it's off to see Dr. Handler on Thursday for his first neurosurgery check-up since leaving the NICU. We pray he continues to progress, and both of his appointments bring blessings of good news.  Thank You All, and Pray for Zachary's continued healing! - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Sweet pictures! He looks like he is going to sing some ooo's :) Talk to you soon. tARA

  2. Yes, he is a cutie. Pixs are great. New casts today and he is takeing to them so well. What a calm baby.
    Love Mimi and Papa

  3. I found your blog this morning and wanted to say hello. My son was born with an atypical clubfoot and was serial casted starting at 4 days old. His clubfoot is nueromuscular so at the age of 6 we are still dealing with surgery and serial casting.

    Anyways, when I saw the casts, I had to stop in and say hello and tell you what a cutie Zach is. :)