Sunday, January 4, 2009

HA HA, Fooled Ya!!

Friday, Zachary's first night home, went very well.  Last night..... not so much.  Daddy arrived home from work just before midnight, and Zachary decided he didn't need to sleep until around 4.  It seems he isn't getting enough milk from Mommy alone. He feeds for a good amount of time, and even falls asleep, but usually less than an hour later he's awake and letting all within ear shot know that his belly isn't full yet and he needs a quick fix.  So our new strategy is to fill him up as best we can, usually letting him feed with Mommy, then giving him a bottle to finish up (we know, this is a big no-no, but until he gets up to snuff breast feeding we're going to cheat a little).  This afternoon and evening we have been following our new schedule, and so far, so good (knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc.).  
The rest of today's schedule was pretty busy for Zachary. We celebrated Christmas this afternoon and Zach did a god job of staying mostly awake to see his presents.  After they were all opened he decided to sleep for a while, as you can see above.
Tonight we were able to give Zachary his first at home bath (really just a cloth cleaning).  We can't get his incision on his back, or the stitches in his head wet, so we're limited to a wet cloth and a soft, dry towel.  The highlight of the bathing was Zach's discovery of the bathroom mirror (see pic above).  He thoroughly enjoyed staring at himself and flailing his arms just like he does when he's sleeping.  After the bath it was time for a cluster feeding before putting him down hopefully for a good portion of the night.  
Tomorrow we have an appointment with Zachary's pediatrician, and we'll find out when his appointment with the orthopedist will be.  For now, we hope to get a little rest tonight, and are excited for the new week ahead.  Thank God for his abundant blessings!  With gladness and praise - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. Great pix enjoyed the mirror one. Just remember this is only a few months out of Zach's life that you will be sleeped deprived.When Baby sleeps Mommy sleeps thats the rule of thumb. Boy his presents were alot and he will enjoy those books. Love Mimi and Papa.