Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mr. Grumpy

Zachary has had a good couple of days.  Yesterday was a fairly "quiet" day, no visitors, no appointments, and doing a pretty good job of sticking to his routine.  He did have one milestone during the day, his cord finally fell off!  We were beginning to think it would never fall off. Now Mommy and Daddy have it a little easier when they change Zach's diaper, not having to fold down the front any more.  
Today was a "crazy" day for Zachary, in Mommy's words.  He seemed a little off this morning, waking up to feed earlier than he usually does, then not really getting in a quality nap for most of the day.  This afternoon Zachary had a couple of visitors, Cheryl and Haley stopped by to say hello.  Haley is the first baby (only 4 months older than Zach) to visit Zach at home, unfortunately he was not in a very friendly mood and was pretty fussy for a majority of their stay.  You can see the two of them in the photo above, Haley looks a bit surprised by Zach's actions!  
This evening Zachary settled into his routine and was much more calm.  Hopefully he will continue to eat and feed on schedule and sleep through the night again. He had his first sponge bath sans umbilical cord, and seems to dislike having his hair washed, but enjoys the rest of his body being cleaned!  Overall, Zachary has been progressing well, his incision looks great, and should hopefully be fully healed in the next week of so.  He doesn't seems to be bothered by his casts, and loves to move his legs and casts quite often.  Tomorrow he has more visitors on the way and hopefully will be in a better mood by then.  God Bless - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. Happy one month birthday, Zach!! What an amazing adventure so far. We love the videos and updates. You continue to keep you in our prayers.
    Hugs to all.
    Ron and Yvonne