Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cute Boots

Today was shaping up to be another normal day, continuing with Zachary's sleep/feed cycle and furthering his routine.  When Mommy called to set up an appointment to meet the orthopedist things changed pretty quickly.  They had a last minute opening this afternoon at 2, so our "normal" day quickly became a rather hectic one.  
We arrived at the new Children's Hospital North Campus (we're VERY excited to be able to go there, only 10 minutes from the house compared to 35-40 minutes) and met with the PA who we were referred to.  She gave us all the details of what to expect and what lies ahead for Zach's treatment.  After a short consultation they put on Zach's first set of casts.  He will have to go to the hospital every Monday for the next 8-10 weeks and have new casts placed on each time.  They will slowly move his feet further and further, until they are in normal position.  He will then have a minor surgical procedure to release the tendons that allow him to raise his feet and toes upwards.  This is followed by further casting for a couple of weeks, then he will be placed in boots at all times until he reaches six months old.  After that he will need to wear the boots only when he naps and sleeps until he is 2 years old.  This method of treatment is more time consuming, but has shown to be more successful and less painful for children long term, rather than the other method of more invasive surgery when Zachary reaches walking age.  
We took quite a few pictures of his little feet before the casts were placed, because even though they are fixing them, we were getting used to and enjoying his little curved feet, they were cute.   So for the next several months Zachary will have some form of brace or cast on his legs, and we pray he gets acclimated to them quickly and they help to heal his feet in short time. 
His journey continues.  This time the treatments are much less invasive, virtually painless, but much longer term.  Another hurdle is directly in Zach's path, but with God's love and strength, he will surely cross over it and be much stronger when all is said and done.  Thank You all for your continued thoughts and prayers, and may God Bless our little stiff legged fighter! - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. Good Morning to All.
    What a cute guy. I love those BLUE casts.
    This will get you on the road to healing Zach.
    Love to all Mimi & Papa