Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sleeping It Off

Last night went fairly well for all 3 of us.  Zachary fed and slept in 3 hour blocks, so Mommy and Daddy we able to get a little bit of sleep (although Mommy got less because she's the key to the feeding).  Zachary fed this morning around 6 and decided he didn't want to sleep anymore, so Daddy rocked him and occupied his time for a couple hours while Mommy got to sleep for a bit longer.
Our in house nurse arrived around 9 and gave Zachary a thorough examination, which he passed with flying colors.  Zach now weighs 7lbs. 4oz., almost a full pound heavier than his birth weight!  The Nurse is pretty confident he will be just fine until his pediatrician appointment on Monday, so she cancelled tomorrow's visit.  
After getting a little attention, Zachary decided it was time to head back to dreamland, and slept for a while longer.  Crystal and Meghan stopped by and brought lunch (thank you to them, it was wonderful), then Jodee, Mark, and Mark's Mother stopped by for a short visit.  It was a pretty busy house, but Zachary slept through it all, and had to be woken up for his afternoon feeding.  He ate quite a bit, then dozed off yet again.  He is still sleeping as we write, so let's just hope he does not stay awake all night!  He has been eating wonderfully, and obviously, has been sleeping, and his overall adjustment to life at home has been successful so far.  
Tomorrow we will have Zachary's Christmas, and a bath!  Big plans for the little guy!  Until then wish Mommy luck, she has Zach all to herself tonight with Daddy off to work. Love to You All - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Yeah!! You're a natural MOMMY... and I am sure that Brian is a dotting Dad... but most of all - that little bundle of boy is the best of BOTH!!

    Get some rest - all of you!

    With Love and Joy,

  2. We're so glad everyone's home and that Zachary is doing so well. He looks great! The extra rest will do him good.

    Cousin Kelly

  3. YEAH!!! Hope all is well... LOVE you all of you!


  4. Brian & Kim,
    I am so happy baby Zach is home in the arms of his Dad and Mom. Zach looks so beautiful and peaceful. Enjoy parenthood. It is the most rewarding job you will ever have.

  5. Praise God that little Zach is home and doing so well!!! We are so thankful that he has made it through this hurdle and will continue praying. Even though we don't post comments often, know that we are thinking of you everyday and are deeply grateful for the updates on this blog. Little Zach is a blessed little boy to have such amazing parents and so many people who adore him! We can't wait to hear about more exciting progress in the weeks to come!

    Cindy and Matt