Friday, January 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

He's Home, He's Home, He's Home!!  Our prayers have been answered, and Zachary was given the all clear today.  We arrived at the NICU at 11:30 and were able to feed him and rock him for most of the day.  In the early afternoon we learned the head ultrasound results came back negative, which allowed us to move forward with checking out of the hospital.  After being given our paperwork and some teaching by Terry, today's nurse, we were on our way by 4pm.  It all seemed so sudden.  One minute we were waiting for our release paperwork, and it seemed like minutes later we had Zachary in his car seat and into the car.  It was a very exciting drive home, and Zach slept for most of his first car ride.  
Once we arrived at the house, Zach got acclimated to his new room and surroundings, and even slept for short time before feeding once again.  We changed his clothes and his dressings, then he quickly fell asleep in the pack and play to the music of his mobile, who knew those things worked so well?  For the rest of tonight we're just trying to keep up with his feeding needs, and get Mommy and Zachary on the same schedule.  
An at home nurse will visit us tomorrow and Sunday, then it's off to the pediatrician on Monday.  We also have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon next week to get the first casts placed to start to fix his club feet.  It is such a huge relief to finally have Zachary home at last.  We cannot thank and praise the doctors, nurses, and practitioners at St. Joseph's NICU enough.  They are truly amazing people who perform miracles, and answer prayers each and every day.  We are truly indebted to them.  
The journey is far from over.  Zachary has cleared a major hurdle, and is finally home, but he still has a lengthy road ahead.  We ask for your continued prayers and encouragement, and feel free to come over and meet the little guy some time soon.  Thank You all and Praise God for his merciful blessings. - Brian + Kimmie



  2. Good Morning to the Zurliene household of 3 now. What a great joy it must feel to have Zach in his own crib. Love to all 3.
    Love Mimi and Papa

  3. Good Morning Zach and all,
    I am so happy to read that you are all at home and getting settled into some sense of normalcy. Hope that you will continue the blog and let us know what we can do to give you a hand...

    As it is - you're in my thoughts and prayers... With Much Love and Joy!

  4. Hooray! We're so happy for you three. I bet it feels great to have him with you at all times...what a comfort. I'll be visiting soon!

    Love you,

  5. We'd love to come over with a meal real soon. What is the best way to find out a good time for you? We will continue to pray in thanksgiving and for the future as well. Lots of love.

  6. "Welcome Home" - you guys will always be able to fully appreciate those two words and the true depth of their meaning way more than most of the rest of us! Settle in and enjoy some quiet/home time with your new 'family' in your house. We will be over soon. We sure do love you and are so very proud of you. Love, Dave and Denise Pfnister

  7. Welcome home Zach! We are very excited to hear the great news. You guys are amazing. You continue to be in my prayers daily.
    Hugs to all
    Ron and Yvonne