Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Whole New Boy

Zachary has had a great week of recovering and returning to his routine.  We're not sure if they tweaked something a little extra in Zach's head when they replaced the shunt, but it seems as though he talks much more now than he did before the procedure.  It's become his new favorite activity... place finger in mouth, and talk non stop until he falls asleep. Overall, his new shunt is working wonderfully, his head has shrunk slightly, and he has a much more pleasant demeanor.  
Zach also had a new visitor this week when Grandpa arrived Thursday night!!  Grandpa had not seen Zachary yet, so they both had a wonderful time hanging out together, and reading a lot of books.  Grandpa was also able to go to Zachary's follow-up appointment at Children's yesterday, and get the good news about Zach's progress firsthand.  
Tomorrow, Zachary will have yet another visitor when Aunt Kelly arrives to meet the little guy for the first time!  It's a pretty exciting time in the Zurliene household with all the visits (unfortunately they are all too short!) and Zachary growing by the day.  He is quickly figuring out his new shoes, and sleeping well with the bar.  Tummy time is much more productive without the bulky casts to restrict his leg movement.  
Enjoy the video and pics, and we will post more after Aunt Kelly arrives.  Love - Brian + Kimmie


  1. We're so happy things are going so well for little Zach! And he's such a lucky boy to have so many visitors. I continue to love all the upates and especially enjoy the videos (as does Landon of course). Keep them coming!

    Love, Cheryl

    P.S. His monkey shirt looks adorable. :)

  2. Yeah... sounds like the 3Z's are well and life is good! I could not be more pleased... and glad to see that you are enjoying family visits!!

    Pugs and Kisses,
    Sherrill and "the Girls"