Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Zachary has had a wonderful past few days, and a very eventful Easter Sunday. Saturday we were able to color eggs, and prepare for the big Resurrection day!  Today our day began early, with 8am mass.  Zach usually sleeps at this time, and it wasn't too long into mass that he decided he was ready for sleep.  He was resting comfortably on Daddy's lap until Communion, when he was awoken by our movement and the music.  That was pretty much the last good rest he had for the entire day.  
After church we had a brief Easter egg hunt at the house, and some pictures.  We were hoping for a little more time, but Zach didn't want to sleep for more than 30-45 minutes.  
Zachary had his usual noon feeding, then we headed over to the DiSalle's for Easter dinner.  He did very well for the first hour, then slept for another 45 minutes, but decided to wake up yet again and join us for some afternoon Master's coverage and Rockies baseball.  After a few more bouts of happy/sad/happy/sad, Zachary decided it was time to eat once again.  
Overall he did very well, and Mommy and Daddy had a wonderful time at dinner and visiting with everyone.  The food was fantastic as always, and Daddy enjoyed his first beer after Lent!  This week is a big one for Zachary.  He gets his casts taken off Tuesday for good.  It has bee three months with various degrees of casting and surgery, and now he finally graduates to leather shoes, and legs free to move as they may.  We are all very excited and anxious for the week ahead, and thankful that God has blessed Zachary with such a wonderful recovery to this point. and pray he can continue down the road to a fully healthy and Happy life.  We hope you all have had a wonderful day, Happy Easter!  - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. Happy Easter to the 3Z's... You all look great and I am anxious to see Zach with some very cute white leather booties... and NAKED legs!! YeeHa!

    Pop by and visit us...