Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Zachary had a wonderful Tuesday.  At 9 o'clock he had his casts removed once and for all, and after his x-rays, he received great news from Dr. Miller.  She said all looked great, the bones were good and parallel, and he was ready to move on to his leather shoes.  Unfortunately, the prosthetic specialist (the guy who sets up and maintains Zach's shoes) was not at the hospital until later in the day.  So after a few hours running errands and visiting Mommy's school, Zachary was finally fitted with his new shoes, and Dobbs device.  
It is amazing how the casts weighed him down.  Without them on now he is much less bottom heavy, and much easier to handle.  Having full movement in his legs is proving to be very fun as well.  He definitely has ticklish toes, and his "oompa loompa" legs are pretty cute too.  It seems as though after taking off his casts we not only freed his legs, but his voice as well.  Zach has never been as talkative as he was today.  He was talking to his toys, the doctors, and anyone else who would pay him any attention!
Today was a bit more of a reality check for the Zurliene household.  Zachary had a pediatrician's appointment this morning, and all seemed to be just fine.  Zach now weighs 15lbs. 12oz., 24 inches long, both very good news, but then came his head circumference.  It seems his head has grown quite a bit since his last visit, and Dr. Black felt we should call the neurologist.  He advised us to have Zachary undergo a head ultrasound, which was conducted today at 3, and tomorrow afternoon we are off to Children's for an evaluation and hopefully some good results.  We are praying for positive news tomorrow, and a return to some "normalcy".  For now we are encouraged with the fact that Zachary seems very upbeat, happy, and overall a pleasant little boy. Please pray for Zach's continued healing, and very positive results tomorrow.  Until then, our Love to you all - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Hey there Z3's... it was fun to see you yesterday at school... and to see Zach's chubby little legs sans casts.

    I sure hope that the news is good tomorrow and that you continue moving forward...

    Will keep a prayer for all of you... and lots of good wishes!

    With love and joy,

  2. Zachary, those are cool shoes. You look really happy. Love Mimi & Papa

  3. Baby Zach,
    I will be thinking of you all day today. You are such a brave little guy. I am so proud of you and your loving parents. I look forward to reading the next blog.
    Lots of hugs coming your way,
    Liz Aucone