Monday, April 6, 2009

No Doctors This Week!!

For the first time since Zachary entered this world, he will not be visiting any doctors, nurses, specialists, or practitioners!!!  Mommy and Daddy were just talking about the week ahead at dinner and it was somewhat strange to not have any appointments planned for an entire week.  Needless to say we will all enjoy the "time off" and are actually a little anxious for next week's appointment, when Zach will have his final set of casts removed.
We all had a pretty enjoyable weekend.  The "huge" spring storm never materialized, but we were able to enjoy the time spent together waiting for the storm to arrive.  Cindy and John were at the house Friday night and watched Zachary for a few hours while Mommy and Daddy attempted (albeit unsuccessfully) to accomplish a few errands.  He had a fantastic time listening to the books they read to him, and seemed to be very pleasant for most of their stay.  
The rest of the week has been spent getting Zachary into a slightly different routine.  We've eliminated one of his evening cluster feeds, and have been putting him to sleep during naps without swaddles.  So far, so good.  We hope you all have a wonderful Holy Week, and enjoy the pictures of our little chunker.  Love - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Yippee... a week off... kind of your own little Spring Break! Maybe you'll have some time to visit Sanchez?? We miss you...

  2. Hi Kim!!! Mallory mentioned Zachary's blog so I had to check it out. I was great to see you last Friday night! Zachary is SO precious! What great pictures and what an amazing little man you have! Have a great Easter! :) Love, Amy Abbott

  3. I remember Matthew's first week of no appointments, heaven! Hope this is the first of many.

    Can't wait to see those cute feet!