Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clean Cut

10 Months Old With Fiesta!
He Loves to Read the Paper!
He Also Loves Lights
Ready for the Snow!
Getting His Fill

Before the Haircut
During the Haircut
Nice Faux hawk!
The Handsome Man After His Cut!!
Still Excited About His Haircut!
Happy Halloween!
Daddy's Pumpkin
Mommy's Pumpkin
Landon, Haley, and Zach
Lunch With the A-Team!

Things have been busy as usual here in the Zurliene household. Since our last post we marked Zach's turning 10 months old, enjoyed well over a foot of snow here during the week, took Zach to have his first official haircut, and celebrated Halloween with our little frog.
Starting Tuesday night and lasting until mid-day on Thursday the snow kept falling here in Colorado. When all was said and done we had 14 or 15 inches on the lawn, Mommy had two snow days out of school, and Zachary stayed home with her as well. We saw a little glimpse of Zach's infatuation with snow during our last small storm a few weeks ago, but with this storm we really noticed that he loves to stare out the window and watch the snow fall. When we bundled him up and took him out for a few minutes he couldn't wait to put his hands it it and try to catch some flakes on his face.
Saturday we took Zach to Lollilocks to have his hair cut for the very first time. He did wonderfully. He did not fuss at all, and it seemed his only real concern was getting his arms out from under the smock so he could put them down on the armrests. It didn't take long, especially with the small amount of hair that actually needed cutting, but he looked fantastic when it was all finished, and it seemed to perk up his mood as well. He hasn't stopped talking or laughing since!
Last night Zach attended his first Halloween party at the Crain's house. He and Haley had a great time in their costumes, and playing telephone throughout the night. After a little more than an hour at the party it was time to head home with our little exhausted frog. Zachary had a great time at lunch today with our friends the Henkle's, but was really tired this evening at church. He has had some trouble adjusting to the end of daylight savings, so hopefully he can get back to his old schedule in short time.
This week we are back into our three month doctor visits. Last Tuesday we met with the orthopedic surgeon, who looked over Zachary's feet and was thrilled with what she saw. She said they look great and passed on X-rays until his next visit after the first of the year. This Tuesday we will be at the spinal defects clinic for the day, meeting with the team of doctors and specialists again to check on Zach's progress and plan for the next few months. All-in-all he is doing great, so we are hopeful that the day should run smoothly and the outlook be overly positive, God Willing. We will keep you all posted. Until then... Love, and God Bless - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Love the new look Zach... and especially love the little frogger!!

    With much love,

  2. Wow! we can't believe the time has flown by so quickly ... 10 months already! Love the haircut AND the frog costume. You guys have loved him up so much and it really shows. He is such a happy little man and progressing so well. We are proud of you two and miss seeing you as often as we used to. Love to read this blog and catch up. Thanks for keeping it going. Dave & Denise