Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble, Gobble!!

11 months old with Fiesta
Check out my new hat!!
On the way to Mimi and Papa's
I Love my new stander
Nana's lap feels just right!
Four generations of Nolan's
Papa's lap feels pretty good too!
Happy early birthday Zachary!
Zach loved this rocking chair that belonged to his Great Great Aunt (over 100 years ago)
Standing time with Daddy
Playing with all the cousins
Having a chat with Nana during dinner
Nana and all the great grandchildren (Evan, Ashley, Zachary, Carrie, Jack)
Zach's Thanksgiving dinner
Zach took to Pat right away!

We are back home after a week back east at Mimi and Papa's for the holiday. It was great to see all of our friends and family again! The trip out was much more eventful than we had hoped. After being turned around in mid-air and heading back to Chicago, we finally arrived in Providence after 1am, and arrived at Mim and Papa's after 3am. Zach did great during the flights, but after being woken up for the transfer to an unexpected third flight, not really sleeping on the way to Mimi and Papa's, and having to sleep in a new place, he was very unhappy, which we had to expect. After much effort, and plenty of holding by Mommy and Daddy, Zach finally went down at around 5:45am. Being as scheduled as he is, he woke up at 8am (6am Colorado time) and was ready to feed and begin the day. After two very much needed naps during the day, he was right back on schedule, and ready to greet Nana for the first time, and Aunt Peg after a six month hiatus. He opened up Nana immediately, even calling out nanananana for her, and she did a wonderful job of feeding him and smothering him with Love.
Tuesday night Zach had several guests over to the house to meet him and celebrate his upcoming birthday. He was anxious to rip through the wrapping on his gifts, and to taste a little birthday cake. Zach has also enjoyed reading through the books he received as well!
Wednesday was picture day with all of the Zurliene cousins, then a quick trip to Nana's for some more lap time, and back to Mimi and Papa's for dinner. Zach had a great time playing with all of his cousins, and they were all kind enough to gather round and keep Zach happily occupied with his toys. That night Mommy and Daddy headed out to Westerly to catch up with some of Daddy's old friends. It was great to catch up with so many of them, several of which he had not seen since moving away from Rhode Island.
Thanksgiving morning, we all headed out to the Iacoi's house to see even more of Daddy's old friends. They have been coming to Joe and Angie's house for fifteen years on Thanksgiving morning, and it was great to see everyone and meet the new additions to their families. It was also fun for everyone to meet Zach, and for him to get a big Italian blessing before heading back to Mimi and Papa's for turkey. Zachary was napping during our dinner, but he was able to enjoy his own Thanksgiving "feast" shortly after (turkey, rice, and squash baby food).
Friday was time to pack up and head home. Our flights were very uneventful this time (just how we like them), and Zachary did a great job throughout the trip. He fell asleep during both flights, and we returned home at about 7:30 Friday night. It's been nice having a couple days to settle back in and prepare for the week ahead.
At this time of year we take time and give thanks for so many things, and for us it is the success and improvement of Zachary and his health. We Thank God for Blessing us with such an amazing child, and one who continues to amaze us each and every day. We are thankful for all the blessings in or lives, for family and friends, and for the opportunity share this journey with all of you. Our Love, and Blessings to You All - Brian + Kimmie

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