Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Healthy and Happy

@ the CU vs. Texas A&M Game w/ Mommy
Mini Chris Farley
Enjoying the Club Level @ Folsom Field
GO ROCKIES!! (next year)
Daddy's Birthday Dessert
The Moose is Loose!

Last week's visit to the spinal defects clinic went very well. All of the doctors and specialists were very pleased with Zachary's progress to this point, and all had overly positive things to say after examining him. We even went home with a new stander for Zachary, one that is much newer, nicer, and more enjoyable for him to be in. Our only real concern at the clinic, Zach's strange poops, weren't really resolved from the doctors there, but we set up an appointment with the gastrointestinal docs further down the road. (almost on cue, the issues Zach was having cleared themselves up by the weekend, so we'll see about keeping the appointment.)
On Saturday, Daddy's work was hosting a tailgate and offering club level seats for the CU vs. Texas A&M game, so Zachary had the chance to experience his first sporting event, and his first large crowd. He did wonderfully. He really enjoyed all the new sights and sounds, and was very cheerful throughout, even without a full morning nap. We enjoyed the great food, the first half of the game, and meeting Avery, the 4 month old daughter of one of Daddy's co-workers. By the end of half time, it was time to head out, and Zach promptly crashed in the car seat for the ride home. He had a great time, and slept soundly afterwards.
The only real downer over the last week was Zach developing his first real runny nose (pretty exciting huh?) We're not sure if it is due to a cold, or just the result of his latest round of teeth coming in, we're leaning towards the latter. He's having a tough time breast feeding properly without being able to breath through his nose, and he's had a little trouble sleeping as soundly as he usually does, but hopefully it will pass quickly, or the teeth will break through, and we can have our little happy guy back. Our Love to You All - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. Yeah Zach... sounds like things are going swimmingly. Keep up the good work... and dry up the runny nose!
    Love ya bunches,