Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Stander

Zach's New Carseat
He Likes His Stander
Zachary's stander arrived early last week. He seems to enjoy it, although it is a little big for him at this time, so he is fairly limited in what he can do while in it. The basic premise of the stander is to support Zach's torso, keeping him upright while putting some weight on his legs at the same time. It has wheels similar to a wheel chair, so when he does reach a certain height he should be able to move the wheels with his hands and move around. As you can see from the pics he already grabs onto the wheels, but hasn't quite figured out the movements of them just yet. It's alright, we can't expect a 10 month old to be able to figure everything out instantly. So for now we have him in the stander for longer periods each day, but are limited to only the kitchen and front entry since those are the only non-carpeted areas!
With each new week we see more and more improvement from Zachary, and we utilize new "tools" to help him with those improvements. Our little inspiration continues to amaze us each day, and we're so grateful for all the joy he has brought to our lives. October is Spina Bifida awareness month, take a minute to learn more about it, and educate others about this ailment and how you can support those affected by it. Our Love to You All - Brian + Kimmie

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