Monday, May 25, 2009

Sir Laughs A Lot

The past six days have been very busy for Zachary and the Zurliene household.  As mentioned before, Aunt Peg left on Wednesday, and Grandma arrived Tuesday night!  Zachary quickly settled in with is "newest" visitor, and Grandma wasted no time catching up on all the hugs and kisses she has been saving for the past month or so.  
Thursday, Mommy and Grandma had dinner with the Zollers, and Daddy had a night alone with Zachary to do some male bonding.  Saturday was a good day for errand running and catching up around the house before the rain moved in that evening.  Mommy and Grandma had all the ladies from Littleton up for dinner, they enjoyed Zach's brief period of "awake" time, and catching up themselves.  After church on Sunday, Mommy and Grandma did some shopping, then the whole family headed down to Littleton for dinner at the Marshall's.  We enjoyed the delicious meal, and Zach was awake for a fair amount of time before he went down and all the "adults" were able to reminisce around the dessert tray for a while.  
Today, Mommy ran the Boulder Bolder for the first time in two years.  She did not run last year for the first time in a long while, because a certain little guy was still "cooking" in the oven!  She ran in just under an hour, a little slower than years past, but considering she is 6 months removed from having Zachary, we are all very proud of her!  
Grandma headed back to Arizona this evening, and Zachary was sad to see her go, but just before Mommy took her to the airport, we were able to get the video of the laughing machine in action!  Grandma was able to coax many a smile and laugh out of Zachary this week, and he is excited to visit her soon down in Arizona!!  Tonight, Mommy and Daddy are enjoying an "empty" Hotel Zurliene, and trying to remember how we survived without someone else here to help us.  Mommy only has three more days of school, then the summer will officially begin, and Zachary can continue to amaze us with all of his improvements and new personalities each day.  He is our little hero, we are eternally grateful that God has blessed us with such and incredible little boy, and we are excited for all the future holds!  Happy Memorial Day, and Love to You All - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Looks like bunches of fun for the 3Z's... Excited for the last days of school!

    Keep smiling kiddos!

    With Pugs and Hugs,

  2. It looks like Zachary is doing well. The video of him laughing is too cute!