Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. Happy

Zachary has had a great past few days.  He and Aunt Peg have been enjoying the nice weather by taking some short afternoon walks, and his head control and motor skills have been steadily improving with his tummy time and play sessions.  
Yesterday, Zach's Jewish Grandma Doris, and Grandpa Steven stopped by and brought lunch for Aunt Peg.  As you can see from the pictures, Zach had a wonderful time!  He was full of laughs and smiles all afternoon, so we decided to head out and have his 5 month pictures taken.  True to form, the entire car ride over he was smiling, but once in front of the camera... not a smile in sight!  We were able to get one fairly good shot, and dinner was good at CPK, so the entire trip was not a complete loss. 
Today Aunt Peg and Daddy tried unsuccessfully to watch the Erie Town Fair Hot Air Balloon Launch.  Mother nature greeted us with cloudy skies, a strong wind, and no possibility of balloons taking flight!  We are all off this afternoon for Josh's graduation party, so all in all it is another busy weekend in the Zurliene household. Enjoy the pics - Brian + Kimmie

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