Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bye, Bye Aunt Peg!

After two wonderful weeks, Aunt Peg had to fly back home today.  She and Zachary had some very good times together, and are definitely best buds!  Peg was so kind to come out for such a long time and helped out Mommy and Daddy tremendously.  We are very grateful... Thank You Aunt Peg!!  Even in the relatively short time that she was here, she noticed all the improvements Zach has made. He becomes more animated, talkative, and alive each day it seems.  When we were at the spinal defects clinic last week they mentioned that he might "take off" now that he has his casts off and his shunt is healed and working well.  We're enjoying all of his new "tricks" and what surprises he has for us.
Zachary had a busy weekend with a trip to the Pfnister's for Josh's graduation party.  Lots of people there to see and hold him!  On Sunday, Aunt Jodee stopped by for a couple of hours, and Zachary had fun with her, especially since he had not seen her since Easter. We finally had an opportunity to take a few photos of Zach in his sweater that Nana made for him when he was born.  It fits perfect, and he looks great in it!  We also took Zach's five month picture with his buddy Fiesta the polar bear.   
Last night Hotel Zurliene had one more resident when Grandma arrived for the next week!  We should have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, especially with Grandma here to smother him with kisses and hugs!  Love to You All - Brian + Kimmie

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