Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mommy's Back to School

Sorry we haven't posted for a while, as you can see, Mommy went back to teaching on Monday, and Daddy has been working long hours at the golf course with the projects they have going on.  Uncle Dana had a great time Sunday night with Zach during bath time, and he headed back to Arizona Monday morning.  His trip was far too short,but we know he'll be back soon!
With Mommy back to work, Zachary had his first all day experience away from Mommy, and home.  He was at Becky's on Monday, Barb's on Tuesday, and a combination of the two today.  He seems to not have missed a beat.  With all of the Love and attention he has gotten in the last three days the only effect we've seen is Zach being tuckered out each night from the activities of the day.  Becky, Barb, Nonni, Meg, and everyone else who "helped out" with Zachary did a FANTASTIC job, and we are very grateful!  
Tonight brought the arrival of Aunt Peg (pics to follow tomorrow), who will be spending the next two weeks with us and watching Zach while Mommy and Daddy are at work.  She only had a brief encounter with Zach since he was asleep by the time she arrived, but we know they'll have lots of time to play with one another for the next few days!  For now we are off to the dream feed, and another day of work tomorrow.  Love and God Bless - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Have a great time Peg. B & K: Zach looks so happy and sitting up by himself. That is a milestone. Love Mimi & Papa

  2. He was sooooooooo good! We loved having him :) so so so so cute!!!! and so happy!!! i will watch him anytime!! See ya at Bocce!