Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stay the Course... Set the Schedule

Zachary now seems to be developing a schedule, at least one that he has repeated for several days now.  We again arrived today to find him sleeping, and were able to finally feed him at 3, five full hours since his last feed.  He seems to eat very LARGE portions, then sleep for an extended time due to his full belly.  He ate 100cc's at 10am, and at 3 he breast fed for 25 minutes, then ate another 30cc's from the bottle.  He continued his routine of staying awake, but was not fussy at all this afternoon, and was a pleasure for Cindy, today's only visitor and deliverer of a wonderful basket filled with goodies (Thank You Cindy).  Zachary was able to eventually fall deep asleep after some quiet rocking, and decided to stay asleep for most of the evening.  It seems this is his afternoon routine, and it is working for now, we just hope wen he comes home he can continue his current trends, or possibly slightly modify them to better adapt to Mommy and Daddy's schedule.  
Due to his extended sleeping times most of today's pictures are of him sleeping.  We also included a shot of his shoulder with his "duck fur" that is so predominant on much of is body.  It is cute, but has made many of his sensors and adhesives very difficult to maintain because they tend to fall off of "hairy" surfaces.  
No word yet on the possibility of him coming home.  Dr. Handler did not have a chance to stop by yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow will bring a new update.  Tomorrow is the last day of his antibiotic cycle, and hopefully he will have his PICC line removed, leaving him free and clear of wires and tubes!  For now we continue to pray for his back to be healed, and for positive news when Dr. Handler examines him sometime this evening.  Until then, we continue to send you all our Love, and thank you for your prayers.  God Bless - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Zach looks so cute sleeping. Glad today is the last drug cycle for him. I hope he gets that PICC out on the 31st. Love to the 3 of you. Mimi and Papa

  2. New Year's wishes to the 3 of you! Our oldest was also a Christmas baby and spent time in the NICU, so your pictures and blogs bring back a lot of memories. I know he will bring you as much joy as our girls have brought us. You're in our prayers.

    Rita and Brent Kendrick

  3. Kim and Brian and Zach- I've just found your story thanks to Jenny A, since I was so out of touch this fall. I hope and pray that all continues to go well, and that Zach can come home, and that he continues to grow and heal.
    Krista Wille

  4. Just checking in and wanted to send my love and prayers... hoping that he will be home soon... A happy and healthy NEW YEAR to all the Zurliene Clan! With Lots of Love, Sherrill

  5. Hope you have a great start to 2009 and he can go home soon! Love his ducky fur! Wishing you love. The Burdsalls

  6. Good luck with the schedule! I remember when Landon was little that every time I thought I had him figured out, he changed things on me...oh the joys of parenthood. :) Happy New Year to the Zurliene family!