Monday, December 29, 2008

No News Is Good News

We had a rather lengthy day today, but for very good reason.  Our little milk monster has turned into the incredible sleeping baby.  We are usually able to feed Zachary twice during our time spent at the NICU, but today we only fed him once.  Trying to stay on Zach's feeding schedule, we arrived around noon, expecting to feed him in short time, but to our surprise he slept for two more hours, and didn't really get to feed until 3.  After breast feeding for 20 minutes (his first solid feed at breast for almost a week), then topping it off with half a bottle, he stayed awake for about an hour, but was very calm and quiet the whole time (much more relaxing for Mommy and Daddy!).  We were able to get him down to sleep around 5 and headed out to get some dinner.    As you can see from the pictures above, we were able to have some fun while waiting for Zachary to awaken in the afternoon, which was nice, especially since we had such a lengthy wait! After returning from dinner we were met at the NICU door by our friends Adam and Ashley, with their children Autumn and Alex.  Unfortunately, they were only able to spend a short time visiting because of the nurse's shift change at 7, but it was a very nice surprise and we were very grateful.  Zach decided to sleep through their visit and didn't show any signs of stopping, so Mommy and Daddy decided to head for home around 8.  
The news from the doctors and nurses continues to be positive.  His incision is looking wonderful, and they are asking Dr. Handler this evening if it would be possible for Zachary to come home after his antibiotics are completed on Wednesday.  We hope and pray for his continued healing and more positive news tomorrow.  Until then there is nothing major or overly exciting to report, but with each day Zachary continues to improve, and we can't wait to bring him home!  With Love and Praise - Brian + Kimmie


  1. YEAH! Who ever would have thought sleep and milk would be answers to prayer! It is so good to hear that Zach is gaining weight. I have so enjoyed the pictures . . . Zach is so cute! I love his little round mouth and his beautuful eyes. Michael and I are cheering for you Kim, Brian and Zach. Zach is blessed to have parents who love him so much. My prayer for you today is that Zach will get to go home.
    Adele Bravo

  2. A good appetite indicates growth - yea! Keep up the positive thoughts and lifting up praise to Heaven ... you know that always works! Hoping to see you later today - the strong winds tore the house and yard apart - woke up to alittle 'work' to be done! Not nearly as much fun as spending time with you guys and Zachary. Keep believin' in the SONshine! Love, Dave and Denise Pfnister

  3. Oh my gosh Kimmie - he is beautiful!! I just finished reading all the blog pages and seeing all the pictures... I have been keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers... It's so wonderful to see you all!

    I look forward to reading more as the days go on...

    Pugs and Kisses to all of you!!
    Sherrill & "The Girls"

  4. I've been at work the last couple of days and didn't get a chance to get on the computer. What a joy it was to read the blog. It sounds like things are really going well now! Zach is so darn cute. Great job

  5. I just love all of the pictures! Zach is so adorable. He is a great combination of the both of you. A couple of days ago there was a picture where he looked so much like Brian and it looks to me like he has Kimmie's long legs! I just figured out how to post a comment (lame, I know!) but have been keeping up with your updates every day. You two are such amazing parents. I am praying for Zach's recovery and overall health and that you will be able to bring him home soon. Kimmie, I'll call you to touch base about visiting. Give him kisses for us.

    Lots of love,

  6. My little nephew is sooooo cute! I love all the good news and I keep praying that he will be able to come home ASAP!!!! Love you three and I think Zach definitely takes after Kim and I because he seems to be posing in all the cameras.