Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Little Milk Monster

Watch out world, hide your food stuffs, lock up your dairy products, the milk monster has arrived.  Zachary showed us today just how LARGE his appetite can be.  Chalk it up to needing more calories for healing, or growing, or adding weight, any way you slice it he loves his milk.  We arrived today and were able to feed Zachary a full bottle of milk, then tried to get him back to sleep with plenty of rocking and coddling, but he decided to stay awake and quiet for about 2 hours, before getting pretty fussy.  Erin, today's nurse suggested some more milk, and he dove right in, eating ANOTHER bottle.  That's about 4.5oz of milk less than four hours after his last full feeding, he just can't get enough.  At that point we were certain he would fall fast asleep, but alas, he fought back, and it took about 45 minutes to get him down and resting peacefully. The sleep/feed routine continues on as a very imperfect process, but we'll stick with it.
Today was the first day we did not have any visitors to the NICU, but we were able to pass much of the time talking with Zachary's nurse about his progress and getting his updates. I don't believe we've ever included a picture of Zachary's entire room so we tossed in the one above.  Lots of wires, and machines, but thankfully he has his own room, which is very nice when we need a little quiet time, or if Mommy needs to nurse/pump.  Dr. Handler came by again today and was pleased yet again with the progress his incision is making. John, the nurse practitioner, even mentioned that his back was one of the "best looking" granulated wounds that he had ever seen during the healing process.  We'll take any and all positive remarks, no matter how strange they may be!  When he finishes his antibiotics cycle on Wednesday, it appears he will be very close to being released. We are not making any plans, just continuing to pray that all the encouraging words from the NICU staff will come to fruition soon.    Tomorrow begins week 3 in the NICU, and we're praying that the third time is the charm!  Many Blessing to You All - Brian + Kimmie


  1. It is so nice to hear about little Zach's progress you have been in our thoughts and prayers! We have spent the last two weekends at Children's Hospital with Osukhai Three spinal taps and an MRI later no clear answers. A Dr. opt on Tuesday will hopefully lead to some answers:) Give me a call when you get a chance. I would love to drop dinner off for the two of you one evening.
    Sending lots of prayers and happy thoughts your way!


  2. Hi,
    Your baby boy is so handsome!!! Congratulations and I will continue to pray for Zach's speedy recovery. I look forward to meeting Zach one day very soon.

  3. Love to all
    Aunt Pat

  4. Wow! He is one stunningly beautiful boy in every sense of the word. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and heart for speedy growth and healing. It is so evident from photos he is SO very well covered in the "loving parents" department. You are a beautiful family!
    Carol Vidaurre

  5. What an amazing birth story! I'm glad to hear things are looking up for the sweet boy. Congrats!
    Lots of love & hope,
    Shannon Gamble

  6. I've been keeping up with your blog and you two (or should I say three) are doing an amazing job. I remember bringing Alex home for the first time and feeding her what seemed like so much milk and trying to figure out why she was still fussy. We kept thinking, we just fed her more than she has ever taken in a single feeding and surely she can't still be hungry, right? Much to our surprise she was still hungry.
    I'm glad to hear little Zachary's incision is healing nicely and we will continue to pray for good news. He looks so happy and we know that makes mommy and daddy happy too.
    God Bless,

  7. Hang in there you two! We are confident that the three of you will be home very soon and Zachary and Jayden will be 'strollering' the mall together :). You two are incredible and an inspiration to everyone who knows you. We love you - see you this week. Dave and Denise Pfnister