Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Not Over Yet

What began as a very exciting day, one we thought was the last before Zachary would come home, took a quick and sobering turn.  After attending morning mass, we arrived at the NICU around 12:30, and found Erin, today's nurse, feeding Zach a bottle.  Our upbeat mood was quickly changed when Erin informed us that Dr. Handler had moved the head ultrasound up to this morning, and after examining the results found that Zach's ventricles (portions of his brain) were swelling and the hydrocephalus had set in.  This means Zach will have surgery again tomorrow @ 3:30pm to insert a shunt.  The shunt will drain the excess fluid from his brain to his abdomen where it will be naturally absorbed back into his body.  We knew this was a 90% certainty going into his birth, but things had been going so well, and we were just hoping and praying he would be OK and could come home tomorrow.  They also informed us that an ultrasound was performed on Zachary's bladder and showed it still contained some urine, leading to the insertion of a direct catheter to relieve it.  One of the most common side effects of spina bifida is an inability or difficulty in controlling the bladder and bowels.  Zach had been urinating and defecating quite a bit all week, but it seems that he is not doing either completely, which can lead to infections. Sorry this is so graphic, but it's the only way I feel I can explain what we're dealing with.  
 We are unsure at this point when Zach will be able to come home, and our focus has turned to his surgery and healing tomorrow.  None of the information we were given today comes as a surprise, but it still caught us at a very vulnerable time.  Kimmie was able to breast feed Zach again this evening, and we finalized our plans for tomorrow, before heading home for the night.  We ask for your continued prayers and support, and will update Zach's progress tomorrow as soon after surgery as we can.  Thank You All again for your Love, and well wishes, and may God watch over and heal our baby boy once more.   - Brian + Kimmie   


  1. Kim and Brian,
    You are amazing parents! Your journey has been so inspiring. I am sending you nothing but healing thoughts and prayers.

  2. Kim and Brian,
    My prayers are with both of you and your beautiful son Zach. God is good and I believe he is watching over your family. Thank you for all the updates and photo's, it helps when one feels so helpless. God Bless all of you.

  3. We will continue our prayers. He is so adorable and the three of you make such a cute family!
    Debbie & Steve


    We will continue to pray for all of you! Let us know if you need anything at all! What heart breaking developments when he was doing so well. Give each other a big hug for us. If Zach has to stay over Christmas just let us know and we can bring lots of decorations for his room/area to help bring you two Christmas joy while you spend time with him there. We hope you all graduate soon!

    Hugs and prayers
    Angie Chris and Joseph

  5. John and Erica said...
    Hi Brian and Kimmie
    It is Monday evening and I am so sorry to hear that little Zach had to have more surgery. I am very greatful though that the doctors are watching things so closely and fixing things before permanent damage is done. I know that Zach will be fine and so will you. God will watch over your family, keep all of you safe and grant you many, many, many more good days than bad. It is uplifting for me to see what good parents you are being, you stand shoulder to shoulder with your son and aren't afraid to walk the journey with him. Believe me, all is well.....Our Lord is with you.