Saturday, May 15, 2010

Walk N Roll Success

Team Zurliene!
He Loves the Swings!
Jimmy and Alex Diffee with Zach and Mommy
Riding the Elephant
Waiting to be seated for dinner
Excited for bannanas and bread!

Last Sunday was a huge success! We had a great time at the Walk N Roll, and it was good to meet other kids with SB and their families. A very BIG THANK YOU to everyone who so generously donated on Zach's behalf. We set a very modest goal due to our signing up so late, but we easily surpassed the goal, and are very thankful for that. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the 5K walk, and Zach enjoyed the first mile or so before falling asleep for his nap.
We also had the opportunity to meet up with the Diffee family as well. They are the family that we have been following (and more recently meeting) who have a daughter Alex with SB. She and Zach had a good time playing on the swingset at Washington Park and it was great to learn that Alex's supporters pushed her team into the top 3 fundraisers at the event.
We had a busy day Sunday with the Walk N Roll and Mother's Day. Mommy had fun spending the day with Zachary, and we all spent a little time on Pearl Street in the afternoon and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (Mommy's Favorite) that evening.
Zach has been doing great. His therapy sessions on Wednesdays seem to be going better and better. He has a new front tooth on the bottom of his mouth, and the four points of his first molar are just beginning to break through the skin on the botom left. He seems to feel as though all of his teeth are already in because he has been much more daring with his food consumption lately, wanting to bite and chew whatever he can.
Mommy only has two weeks of school left, and if this crazy Colorado weather finally changes over from winter to spring, maybe summer can soon begin. Enjoy the pictures, and Thank You Again to all who supported us at the Walk N Roll. Love, - Brian + Kimmie