Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mastering the Barn Yard

He's figured out how to change the channels now!
Baby Mozart

Ahhhh Toys!
Plotting his next move, while still so innocent looking
Enjoying the ride on his therapy horse
Pushing up so strong from his belly

With Daddy at the pool (and not crying!)

Spring has finally arrived here in the Zurliene home, with the tulips blooming out front, those lovely Colorado chinook winds blasting the house, and Zachary doing his best impressions of all the farm animals. Over the last few weeks Zach has begun speech therapy sessions along with his weekly physical therapy sessions, and is showing big signs of improvement along both fronts. His new hobby is learning the sounds that farm animals make and reciting them whenever requested, and his ability to stand for any length of time continues to improve. Whenever the weather has cooperated we have taken Zach to the park for trips down the slide, and some quality swing time, however the crazy Colorado weather has not allowed that to happen nearly as much as he would like. It's sunny and nice one day, then snow or rain the next.
Zachary has had a great stretch of good health since Easter, with no major issues or concerns and no doctors visits, just the usual slight cold that came and went quickly this time. His spirits have been rather joyous, and we know he's anxious to begin the summer season at home with Mommy. He is already signed up for swimming and music lessons, so there will not be much sitting around in the months ahead. In preparation or those swimming lessons, Daddy and Zachary went to the pool at the rec center over the weekend, and Zach was instantly overwhelmed and cried for most of the time. He doesn't do too well with lots of people around, especially people splashing, diving, or sending water his way. We did manage some quiet time in the corner of the pool where Zach was able to really work his legs and enjoy the water with Daddy. Hopefully a few more trips to the pool before swim lessons begin will get him well acclimated and ready to enjoy the water rather than scream it into submission!
The weeks ahead are fairly busy with Mother's Day, and the end of the school year, as well as the arrival (we hope) of Zach's new wheel chair. We are walking in a 5K Walk/Run/Roll this Sunday in Denver to benefit the Clorado Spina Bifida Association. It is a big fundraiser for he association and if you feel inclined to help you can donate to the cause and help Zachary directly. We have set up a page in Zach's name through the association.
Go to: http://www.firstgiving.com/zachzurliene and you can donate in Zachary's name. Or go to www.firstgiving.com/walknrollco to find out more about the 5K and about Spina Bifida. Proceeds will benefit the association, and a percentage will go diectly to a fund for Zach as well. It should be a great time with many families there who are all dealing with Spina Bifida in their every day lives. We pray for Zachary's continued success and improvement each week at therapy, and for his continued smiles and laughter! God Bless - Brian + Kimmie