Sunday, July 19, 2009

Therapy Pro

The past two weeks have been fairly low key around the Zurliene household. Zachary started his physical therapy last week, and surprised Mommy and Daddy with all the abilities he showed during his hour long session. He started out somewhat lethargic, as he does from time to time at home, but less than five minutes into the session he began to reach out and play with the blocks, cups, balls, and various other toys they had on hand. From that point on he went non-stop, playing, reaching, talking, and blowing us away with all he was showcasing. They even had him up on his knees for a while as well, a position we had never even tried with him before with his casts, and now his shoes. Overall, it was a great day. Zach will continue with the therapy once a week for a while, until either his needs change, or he makes some big improvements.
Mommy and Zachary have been spending their summer days hanging out, and going to lunch and play dates with some of their new and old friends. We were also able to find a wonderful place where Zach will be spending his days when Mommy goes back to teaching in August. He will be the only baby under the age of 2 and should get lots of love and attention with only a few other kids there as well.
We have a couple more weeks ahead before Zach's next plane ride to Illinois, and we're anxious to see the progress that Zachary will make at physical therapy. Mommy and Zach have been taking a lot of walks around our neighborhood, and there's sure to be a few more. We are grateful for all the amazing progress Zachary has made so far, and cannot believe he is already 7 months old. We're enjoying each new day and each new detail of life that he becomes so interested in. We hope you all are enjoying a fun filled summer, and we'll have plenty more to share in the weeks to come. Love and God Bless - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Yeah! I am so excited to see all the changes and pleased to know that therapy sessions are going so WELL!! Will look forward to seeing for myself - before school starts!

    Always with Love,

  2. Zach is such a doll!!! What a cutie you two have!