Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back Home

As they say all good things must come to an end.  Zachary and Mommy returned home last night, and they spent the day re-establishing Zach's routine here at home.  The trip to Arizona was a wonderful time had by all.  
Friday Zachary visited with all of Aunt Kelly's co-workers, then had his first experience in the pool "loungin'".  He also made a new best friend with Uncle Dana's dog Cara.  She wanted to lick and be next to Zach as much as possible, even in the pool!  She loved to swim over and sniff Zachary through the netting in his floatie.   Saturday was a relaxing day spent with the whole family.  We visited with Grandma and Grandpa's neighbors Francis and Mario, and enjoyed taking over some very tasty limoncello!  After our visit we all enjoyed some more pool time and barbecue cooked by Grandpa.  The whole family was there, including Uncle Dana and Holly, Aunt Kelly and Aaron.  Sunday was a fun day with all of us taking a new family portrait, then off to lunch at Mommy and Daddy's favorite... In N Out!!!  Check out the picture of Zach trying to sneak in a bite!  Daddy came back home Sunday night, but Mommy and Zachary stayed behind for a couple more days.  Monday was a trip to G&I, the family business. Zach tried out the new pales, and gave his approval.  Monday night was another family dinner, followed by Zachary's last pool time.  He definitely developed an affinity for the pool and his floating lounge.  It was a great diversion and a good way to tire him out before bed.  
Zachary had a wonderful time on his first plane trip, and was very enjoyable on both flights according to Mommy.  He slept for most of the trip out, but didn't get much sleep on the way back.  No fussing on either flight, he did great!  For now its back to life as normal here at home, just enjoying our little animated guy and all the new tricks he shows us with each new day.  We hope you enjoy the photos, and we're glad to be back home, away from the 100+ degree heat and into a "modest" 90 degree "heat wave" here in Colorado!  Our Love to You All - Brian + Kimmie

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  1. Whoops! My computer is dropping the ball... It lost my original post. But I'm glad to see you are all home safe and sound.

    Love the Zack, the bucket man look. :)

    With Love and Joy,