Sunday, June 7, 2009

Working Out the Kinks

Mr. Giggles
MMMM, rice cereal!

Spider Man!!

I sit up so well!!

Mini-golf madness!
Yeah Daddy, that's the right line!
Mommy, purse golfing extraordinaire!
This week Zachary worked very hard on his sitting up, reaching, and eating skills.  Monday was Zach's first taste of "semi" solid food.  He had some rice cereal, mixed with breast milk, and as has been his tendency with every new milestone in his life, he did fantastic.  He has been eating several spoonfuls of the cereal every morning for breakfast, and will start to have some at lunch this week as well.   
Thursday, Darcie and her two great kids, Zander and Maddie, stopped by and did a wonderful job of entertaining Zach, and getting him laughing as they played around the house.  Friday was the start of Bocce season at the Cabbage's.  The rain prevented much of the games from being played, but we were able to squeeze in a few, and Zach was awake for a good portion of the time.  Saturday, we began our weekend of party hopping.  We headed to Cheryl's for her graduation celebration, then it was off to the Bennett's for their summer celebration and Lakota's graduation.  Today, we were off to Alex's 4th birthday bash, and enjoyed Zachary's first game of miniature golf!  Needless to say, it has been a fairly busy weekend, and we are all a bit tired, but had fun throughout.
Zachary has made many strides in his sitting up and head support.   It's amazing to see how quickly he is improving, and exciting to watch each day as he acquires a new skill or ability.  We have been so blessed with Zach's joy and his eagerness to improve each day.  We are thankful for his smiles and the love he gives us each day, and continue to pray for his improved health and infectious spirit.  Enjoy the pics. Our Love to you All - Brian + Kimmie


  1. Great job Zachary. Sitting up, eating new food and golf. Daddy and Mommy are teaching you the golf game early. Keep up the good work. You're growing so fast. Love Mimi & Papa.

  2. Hey 3Z's... looking good (all of you)... Love the purse golf shot... sometimes I think that is a training technique... teaches one to keep their elbows in...

    Pugs and Hugs to all,