Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday!!

Today marks Zachary's 6 month birthday, and we had a small celebration here at the house with a mini cake and just the three of us enjoying each others company.  The past week has been filled with lots of tummy time for Zachary, and the results have been impressive.  He not only started to lift his head, but by the end of the week was lifting well past 90 degrees, and lifting his head, chest, and shoulders up to see what was around!  We are very excited.  Zach should begin his physical therapy soon, and we are all anxious to see his progression, and what tricks he's got up his sleeve!  
On Friday, Mommy and Zachary went down to visit Tara and her family.  They had fun visiting, and Zachary loved Cooper, the Ham's Burmese Mountain dog.  Saturday was spent at home with Daddy, hanging out and playing in the yard.  Amanda and Ellen were nice enough to come by that afternoon and watch Zachary for a few hours while Daddy went off to work, and Mommy came home from a bridal shower.  
Today was the birthday celebration, and tomorrow we are off to Dr. Miller's to have Zachary's feet checked out once again.  It's been nice not having doctors appointments for the past few weeks.  We're hoping for word tomorrow that Zachary does not need to wear his shoes full time and can move to only wearing them when he sleeps.  His feet look wonderful, especially with the way they were when he was born.  Wednesday it is off to the pediatrician for Zach's 6 month check up, and that rounds out the planned doctor visits for a little while longer.  We are grateful for all the wonderful work that the doctors and nurses have done, and continue to pray for Zach's improved health.  It's hard to believe that 6 months have passed since Zachary's birth.  Time sure travels fast.  We continue to feel abundantly blessed each day with Zachary in our lives.  We are thankful for so many of our prayers being answered, and pray for much more success for Zach in the future. Thank You so much to all of you who have been following Zachary's life.  Thank You for your kind words, and especially, Thank You for your prayers.  Much Love and Praise to You All!  Happy 6 Month Birthday Zachary!  Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday!! Its so sweet to give him a birthday party. He is too cute for words :) I pray he continues to do great and defy the odds.

  2. AWE! Thanks for posting the pics and for coming to visit I know that it is a Trek! Happy 1/2 b-day Zach! See you soon!